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Just Peachy

Brandied Peaches

We are at the end of peach season and I almost missed it!  Thankfully the orchard we go to for peaches, strawberries, etc. has sunday hours and we were able to snag a bushel.  From these golden orbs I was able to tuck away…

Mondays Washing Day

mondays washday

I remember this little rhyme from a Little Golden Book; Mondays wash day, Tuesday Irons …. Cannot remember the rest of the rhyme and it is difficult to find online. As a grownup, wash day is whatever day I can get the clothes to…

Chicken-Ginger Soup

So yummy and choked full of good cool weather goodness.  My sister-in-law (SIL) introduced us to this soup and it was an immediate hit – even with Ronnie, who is not a ginger fan. When SIL cooks, it is usually without measurements, so this…

How to make apple cider vinegar


. . .while processing these golden green orbs into apple sauce, I realized that the peel/core palooza could be made into apple cider vinegar.