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My Grandmother Elsea died a few months ago, just months prior to her 100th birthday; much history and knowledge left with her.  During one of my last visits, I was able to glean a few insights. My Grandmother grew up in Kelly’s Ford Virginia, on a farm and was part of a generation that witnessed the arrival of cars and electricity…to individual homesteads.  She spent most of her early years either walking places or, when offered, catching a ride with someone who owned a horse and buggy.  This picture was taken the day after her wedding; an afternoon wedding and no electricity means, everyone gets dressed the next day for pictures.  She was married November 29, 1941. What I learned at this last visit was that the family raised pigs and milk cows, yet never slaughtered a cow for their personal use.  She reminded me that they did not have electricity and had no way to keep the beef from spoiling – there was just too much of it.  Hog meat, though, could be salted …