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Fiery, Hot, Habaneros!

The other day we were gifted with a bowl full of habanero and scots bonnet peppers. Not being a pepper aficionado, I had to read up on what these were and how to use them; what a gift!  These peppers are HOT!  According to Google, there are only a handful that are 2-3 times hotter; that’s ok, these are hot enough. Ronnie loves the spicey yet these may be too much for him.  No chemical burns, please. My tastes run on the hot/tamer side.  A good compromise?  Why some hot pepper jelly.  Just a teaspoon makes a dish pop. I know your thinking “but jelly is for toast, right?”.  Ummm, not in this case. Top a block of cream cheese, add some crackers.  Mmmm. Heat up that BBQ sauce with just a touch Hot wings Brush on a ham Gifts (with a tag on uses) Final glaze for fish, chicken, pork, or beef spoon over vanilla ice cream melt jelly and add to your salad dressing of choice (Italian is a good choice) I am assuming that …

Canning Ketchup

2016 was my first year making ketchup.  I know everyone has their favorite recipe and not having made any before, I ran with this recipe from BHG special interest series; it is simple yet uber tasty. Viola! This recipe is da bomb though my new favorite is tomato chutney; oh my!  I’ll share that recipe in another post.