3-Card Reading


“Is this the best choice?” and similar questions are best suited for this 3-card spread.  It is best suited to give immediate insight into a situation. Often used for a yes/no or more commonly for a single situation, this will not give many details, just quick insight.  Use a larger spread if you want to know more.


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I am an endorsed reader through the World Divination Association.   The more specific the question, the more accurate the answer.  A mind reader I am not; I interpret images printed onto card stock.

How this works:

You buy a read and send through the area of your life that you would like to look at
I will lay the cards on this subject and return to you
You provide feedback and questions pertaining to the read
I will answer your questions using the spread laid

This is an emailed reading on a question/area of your choice.  The read includes images of the cards and layout for your ease of reference

This is not to replace medical or legal advice.


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