Crystal Chakra Healing

What is Chakra?

What is a chakra and why would it need healing?

A chakra is a spinning wheel of energy that corresponds with massive nerve centers in the body and are linked to specific organs, body functions, and emotions.

These chakras also have specific color frequencies and are stacked from higher to lower wavelengths; red being the longest and lowest wavelength in the visible range and violet the shortest and highest.


Because these frequencies are aligned to certain known energies, we can hone in on specific problems.

For example, if we need to help with feelings of fear and anxiety, then our focus is on the root chakra; the other chakras are not ignored but the focus is on the chakras that are imbalanced.

This service is perfect as a standalone or in conjunction with ongoing medical care.

Why Crystals?

Crystals have a higher amplitude due to their perfect atomic perfection and it is because of that perfection that crystals are able to clear out and balance our chakras, making them more stable, changing their emotional and biochemical states, and correcting the frequencies. Each chakra will entrain with that specific vibrational frequency of it’s color.

What is Entrainment? It is a principle in physics that states energy of a higher amplitude will influence and dominate a similar frequency of a lower amplitude. (Hibiscus Moon, The Science Behind Crystal Chakra Healing, Chakra Series Part 1, 2014)

Because we can entrain not only to crystals but also our physical environment and other people; Brings a whole new perspective to the be careful with whom you associate.

During a Session …

During a session I will activate your light column and check the status of your chakras. While research shows there are up to 114 chakras about and around the body, I work the primary 7 and the earth star chakra which is positioned 6 inches below your feet.

Various crystals will be used to widen, narrow, and set or support these chakras to achieve healthy entrainment. I know you are wondering for how long will this realignment hold and that is dependent upon the individual and environmental conditions.

Please use this form to scheduled an appointment. Please keep in mind that Covid-19 has changed how business is done and there are new protocols in place.


  • Masks are required
  • If you have been exposed to COVID or are experiencing flu or cold-like symptoms, please do not book a session or if an appointment has been scheduled, please call to cancel.
  • The room receives a thorough cleaning with approved cleaners and UV light; these reduce the number of sessions that can be handled in an evening.
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