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What Would You Say?

House of Shadows Lenormand

As the veil thins and the whispers grow close, now is the time for me to tackle the shadows. Yes, talking to the dead when the lines are more defined may feel safer but communication can be fuzzier. Why not talk while the lines… Continue Reading “What Would You Say?”

A Shared Heritage

These ancient mountains share an origin with the West Highland Way in Scotland. Hard to believe, eh? I learned about this bit of geological goodness from a friend of mine who was recently in Scotland. She mentioned to her group mates that the terrain… Continue Reading “A Shared Heritage”

The Season of Giving

Ashwood Farmhouse

The holidays bring a special kind of stress to families; here, we opt to make the season of giving as stress-free as possible.  I admit that this time of year, even now, instills a sense of… panic? desperation? Overcoming societies expectations of an appropriate Christmas… Continue Reading “The Season of Giving”

Just Peachy

Brandied Peaches

We are at the end of peach season and I almost missed it!  Thankfully the orchard we go to for peaches, strawberries, etc. has sunday hours and we were able to snag a bushel.  From these golden orbs I was able to tuck away… Continue Reading “Just Peachy”

A Bit Of Snow


In case you are coming to the area to ski, there is something you need to know…. The slopes are currently open on Thursday – Sunday, meaning closed Mondays – Wednesday. Tubing is closed. The ski slope webcam can be found HERE. < this… Continue Reading “A Bit Of Snow”