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Fiery, Hot, Habaneros!

The other day we were gifted with a bowl full of habanero and scots bonnet peppers. Not being a pepper aficionado, I had to read up on what these were and how to use them; what a gift!  These peppers are HOT!  According to Google, there are only a handful that are 2-3 times hotter; that’s ok, these are hot enough. Ronnie loves the spicey yet these may be too much for him.  No chemical burns, please. My tastes run on the hot/tamer side.  A good compromise?  Why some hot pepper jelly.  Just a teaspoon makes a dish pop. I know your thinking “but jelly is for toast, right?”.  Ummm, not in this case. Top a block of cream cheese, add some crackers.  Mmmm. Heat up that BBQ sauce with just a touch Hot wings Brush on a ham Gifts (with a tag on uses) Final glaze for fish, chicken, pork, or beef spoon over vanilla ice cream melt jelly and add to your salad dressing of choice (Italian is a good choice) I am assuming that …

Chicken-Ginger Soup

So yummy and choked full of good cool weather goodness.  My sister-in-law (SIL) introduced us to this soup and it was an immediate hit – even with Ronnie, who is not a ginger fan. When SIL cooks, it is usually without measurements, so this recipe is a suggestion that allows you to embellish as you wish. cooked chicken chunks chicken bouillon/broth grated fresh ginger root celery carrots mushrooms green unions sesame oil dashes (or more, if you like) nutmeg, curry, and allspice soy sauce/Braggs Amino Acids Texas Pete I usually cut up the chicken into chunks and brown in the soup pot with the sesame oil.  Once browned, add the chicken broth, ginger, celery, carrots, mushrooms, green onions, and spices.  Once veggies and chicken are cooked through, serve it up hot. The soy sauce or, in our case, the Braggs is added when serving; DO NOT ADD salt until AFTER this step or your soup will be too salty (do not ask me how I know this). We let those that want the hot sauce, add it …

Canning Ketchup

2016 was my first year making ketchup.  I know everyone has their favorite recipe and not having made any before, I ran with this recipe from BHG special interest series; it is simple yet uber tasty. Viola! This recipe is da bomb though my new favorite is tomato chutney; oh my!  I’ll share that recipe in another post.