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sofa surfing

adjective  feeling lethargic lacking energy an overwhelming urge to sofa surf. Please use in a sentence: My mother-in-law was visiting today and announced that she was never felt so doodlesome.  

We have a floater!

I had this morning off and hoped to finish the lye water boil down.  A few hours later, including cool down, the potato floats!  The mixture did need to be transferd to a bowl with a deep enough bottom to see if it would… Continue Reading “We have a floater!”

Making lye water

wood ashes

In my mind, being self sufficient includes being able to make soap; not saying that we will never buy another bar made by someone else, just saying I want to know how… from scratch.  This soap will be made from we already have on… Continue Reading “Making lye water”

Focus & Choice

switzerland trail

Remember, our thoughts and words affect matter and help to create the world around us; like attracts like thus by choosing to not allow this situation to consume me and affirming, both mentally and verbally where it stands and it’s outcome, I create the outcome.

Lard rendering tips

The oil lamp shop is run by an older Mennonite couple and Mrs. Shank explained that it is a common problem for first time lard render’ers. She was excited to find a ‘younger’ couple interested to learn the old ways. She explained that, when we start the process, adding