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When The Cicadas Sing

It is said that the first frost comes forty-five days after the first cicadas song.  It is close to the 45-day mark and we had a low of 43° just last week. We are still in September and the weather acts like a woman in… Continue Reading “When The Cicadas Sing”

A Shared Heritage

These ancient mountains share an origin with the West Highland Way in Scotland. Hard to believe, eh? I learned about this bit of geological goodness from a friend of mine who was recently in Scotland. She mentioned to her group mates that the terrain… Continue Reading “A Shared Heritage”

Poison Ivy and Its Cure

broomsedge, poison ivy cure

We’ve all encountered this itchy weed and there are some nifty sayings meant to help in identification. Leaves of three? Let it be! Hairy Vine, no friend of mine! red leaflets in spring is a dangerous thing. I’ve spent many years eradicating poison ivy… Continue Reading “Poison Ivy and Its Cure”

Boo-boo salve

Comfrey Plantain salve

Each day our bodies are assailed by toxins that are delivered in various ways: food, air, water, and boo-boos -> a technical term for scrapes, owies, cuts, etc. Many reach for a drug store variety of antiseptic ointment and I, well, just reach for… Continue Reading “Boo-boo salve”

I Am Your Witness

Warm Springs Cemetary

I had a long time client pass away suddenly and this past weekend we drove three hours one way to attend his funeral. While waiting in line to pay our respects to his widow, I was reminded of a phrase I’d read years ago:… Continue Reading “I Am Your Witness”