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How Does One Find Happiness?

For me, I just walk out the back door, and there it is; happiness and joy just lying everywhere. In the dirt, plants, chickens, bird song, rain on the gravel, etc.  This morning Luna went with me to the backyard to let the hens out of their coop and fill the woodstove and it was then that a wave of satisfaction and happiness washed over me.  It’s 40 something degrees, the ground is wet from a midnight rain and the hens are clucking for their morning grain. Roque Wild Farm posted this quote from Denis Waitley that does a good job of summing up what is happiness: Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn, or consumed.  Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude. I am grateful for the life I live, for my family, friends, hens, and Luna.  For what are you grateful?

A Simple Life

Planning a simple life is like writing a love letter to yourself. You can include what you want to include, you live by your own values, love who and what you love, develop your own usefulness and eventually you become the person you wanted to be in all those private moments of hoping for a life of grace and splendid simplicity. ~ Rhonda Jean with Down—to—earth The cold months are a good time for reflection and planning.  The garden sleeps, outside activities are dictated by the temps and precip, indoor activities become ripe for completion and active contemplation. Living a simple life, in the reality of the world in which we live, is an act of rebellion and against the status quo.  We strive to build a community of like-minded individuals, learning to live a life rich in experiences and poor in consumerism. Words hold great power so as you write your love letter, remember that these ideas, values, and thoughts, will create action in not only your private life but in your public as …

sofa surfing


adjective  feeling lethargic lacking energy an overwhelming urge to sofa surf. Please use in a sentence: My mother-in-law was visiting today and announced that she was never felt so doodlesome.  

switzerland trail

Focus & Choice

Remember, our thoughts and words affect matter and help to create the world around us; like attracts like thus by choosing to not allow this situation to consume me and affirming, both mentally and verbally where it stands and it’s outcome, I create the outcome.



My Grandmother Elsea died a few months ago, just months prior to her 100th birthday; much history and knowledge left with her.  During one of my last visits, I was able to glean a few insights. My Grandmother grew up in Kelly’s Ford Virginia, on a farm and was part of a generation that witnessed the arrival of cars and electricity…to individual homesteads.  She spent most of her early years either walking places or, when offered, catching a ride with someone who owned a horse and buggy.  This picture was taken the day after her wedding; an afternoon wedding and no electricity means, everyone gets dressed the next day for pictures.  She was married November 29, 1941. What I learned at this last visit was that the family raised pigs and milk cows, yet never slaughtered a cow for their personal use.  She reminded me that they did not have electricity and had no way to keep the beef from spoiling – there was just too much of it.  Hog meat, though, could be salted …