lemongrass plant

Essential oils and I have a long happy history and it wasn’t until I joined doTerra that I realized what powerhouses these oils were. Now a quick word of caution. Purity is key so if you are unsure of the seller, just let it be. You can read up on doTerra’s processing and purity guidelines here; I was impressed..and sold.

In a recent workshop, I learned about a little powerhouse called lemongrass. In addition to smelling wonderful and being an affordable oil, it also helps keep bugs away, supports healthy digestive flora, detoxification, heals connective tissue, and emotions. Realizing this was a loaded statement, I decided to look deeper.

First, it heals connective tissue; well, what is connective tissue?

tissue that connects, supports, binds, or separates other tissues or organs, typically having relatively few cells embedded in an amorphous matrix, often with collagen or other fibers, and including cartilaginous, fatty, and elastic tissues.


Let me add as a note that fascia is considered connective tissue and is one of the first to scar in the event of an injury or strain. Scar tissue creates painful and restricted movement. If you want to get lost in a subject, try this rabbit hole!

As a catalyst for repair, lemongrass acts as an anti-inflammatory, helping to reduce swelling and encouraging collagen to re-establish itself. You can use this oil neat, meaning you don’t have to cut it with another oil, but since we are all a little dry, adding some fractionated coconut oil won’t hurt. Do not apply this to open wounds or scrapes.

Now, this next part intrigued me – how does lemongrass help with emotions? The large intestine meridian carries feelings of being burdened, stuck, blocked, and difficulty letting go, and since lemongrass helps with cut flora, it stands to reason that this can help one let things go. We all carry around too much baggage; release what you can.

All this potential but does it really work? My shoulders have been a source of discomfort for several years and while acupuncture helps hasn’t been a permanent fix and it isn’t cheap. While I work on the postural causes of this shoulder pain, I decided to put this little wonder to the test. Last night I blended a few drops of lemongrass with some coconut oil and massaged into both arms, beginning with the shoulder and worked down into the hand. Normally I’d pop two ibuprofen before bed and this time I did not. the result? A pain-free night and into the early afternoon of the next day.

I have a feeling that I’ve only touched the tip of the lemongrass iceberg. I invite you to check out this powerhouse and see how she might help you heal. And share with us what works (or doesn’t) for you!

Etheric vs Physical

human energy torus

I recently completed the coursework and practicals to attain my certification as a crystal healer and it was interesting to see how closely this information was too similar coursework in healing with a pendulum and symbols. The information can be so complex that it is not possible to take all and create an elevator pitch. Through a series of articles, I will attempt to explain some of the essentials.

With a crystal healing session we begin by activating the light column. Most people give me a quizzical look so I’ll break it down here.

All matter is energy. Remember from science class Einstein’s equation E=Mc2? This states that energy equals Matter (times the speed of light squared). The important part of this equation for us is that energy = matter.

Our physical bodies are composed of matter therefore we emit energy. All matter emits energy. Some call this an aura, others refer to it as the field. Spoken words, thoughts, feelings all affect the field. When we stand close to people, our fields mingle.

When the light column is activated, the energy flows from our heads down the center of the body, out the feet, back around the outside of the body to flow, again, down through the head.

A quartz crystal stabilizes the crown chakra while pyrite anchors your earth star chakra (below your feet)

There is, of course, more to a session that this but I wanted to introduce the science behind one part of the session that is hardest for some to grasp. Energy is constantly flowing. Disease/illness will manifest in this field first, before migrating into the physical. Please see the medical disclaimer here.

Sit with this for a bit. Ask questions. Schedule a session.

What Would You Say?

House of Shadows Lenormand

As the veil thins and the whispers grow close, now is the time for me to tackle the shadows. Yes, talking to the dead when the lines are more defined may feel safer but communication can be fuzzier. Why not talk while the lines between us and them are unclear?

As I am clairsentient and voyant, ‘hearing’ my guides works differently than those who have the gift of audience. I ‘hear’ via cards, pendulum, and meditation. Even then, it is a learning process to know when a message is meant for me and when it is meant for someone else.

Last night sleeping was especially difficult as there were many present, waiting and whispering. Tonite I will not cover my ears with the pillow and instead ask that one at a time, say what they need to say. I can hear the whispers but not the voice …. just yet. Each night, a pen and notebook at the bedside for notes, rememberings, and messages.

This morning, though, I decided to use a spread I learned from Toni Puhle, of The Card Geek and founder of the World Divination Association. This spread is called Messages from Beyond and can be used with any card system, as long as you stick to the meanings/rules of that system. Lenormand is my first love and so I asked to meet a shadow guide; how will I recognize you.

Who can through instead was a great-great grandfather of mine, Captian John Thierston Smith. By all family recollections, he was a difficult man who became demanding and increasingly difficult in his later years; he died at 73. Surprisingly enough, he has visited several times with messages for me about getting my arse together and start writing again.

He was an obstacle and created discord. He was a decision-maker and an engineer for the Navy during the Civil War. Not much is remembered about who he was before the war; war changes all involved, for good or ill.

I never knew him nor did my mom or aunt, the oldest members of that line; could he have a message for either of them? Usually, this spread is used for people we knew or our querent (that would be you) knew that have since passed on.

Since none that are living knew him, I asked if his message was for my aunt? The pendulum said no. Mom? No. Me? Yes. Ok.

As of this writing, I have not yet asked what is his message for me. I’ll ask and share later.

If you could talk to someone who has passed, who would it be?

When The Cicadas Sing

It is said that the first frost comes forty-five days after the first cicadas song.  It is close to the 45-day mark and we had a low of 43° just last week. We are still in September and the weather acts like a woman in menopause, super hot, then chilled.

Mood swings like this birth crazy weather patterns with the mountains either cleaving storms in two so it rains everywhere but here or they funnel the clouds right up the middle of the valley. Sadly, we get freakish storms that blow in, pommel us with 10 minutes of rain and then dissipate as if the storm never happened.

Poor, Split Maple Tree

Most times, the only evidence that something blew through are the sporadic wet parts on the pavement or the heavy, sticky feel to the air. Here recently, the aftermath has included a 12-year-old boy struck by lightning in his front yard (sadly he died) and random branches twisted out of our 80+-year-old maple.

I think it is safe to say that many of the old timer’s weather axioms will need to re-evaluated in the face of climate change. With exception to the brief storm that blew through yesterday, it’s been over 30 days since we’ve had rain.

What axioms do you look too for seasonal changes? Is this one you’ll have to re-evaluate?

A Shared Heritage

These ancient mountains share an origin with the West Highland Way in Scotland. Hard to believe, eh? I learned about this bit of geological goodness from a friend of mine who was recently in Scotland. She mentioned to her group mates that the terrain reminded her so much of the geography here that if the countryside didnt end in a cliff, she would have thought she’d never left home. It was then that one of those mates shared the history of what we call Appalachia.

We were once part of the same geological plate known as Caledonia; the opening of the Atlantic Ocean is what separated us from them; check out the full story here. Just in case you are curious, the International Appalachian Trail includes Canada, Greenland, Scotland, countries along the eastern seaboard of Europe and into Morocco.

Let that sink in for a few minutes. Learning that tidbit kindled a desire to create my own standing stone circle, similar to that found outside Inverness, Scotland. This would be on a much, MUCH smaller scale and I haven’t shared this idea with my beloved yet, I can just hear his eyes rolling even now!

Its no wonder I ended up in this place and have no desire to leave; there is an old magic here, that lives in the soil, rocks, and trees. You can hear it in the bird song and sit still long enough, see it in the wildlife as they move about you. And that is why I grow the herbs I need to make tisanes. These plants are all perennials and have a relationship with the soil, their roots pulling up not only the nutrients needed to grow and thrive but the magic that lives here.

Yes, you can get tisanes anywhere in the world. What I make here grows in ancient soil that carries old magic; to drink this tisane is to taste a remembering of the old ways. and I caution you to not be careless. old magic is playful, cunning, and can be outright frightening. These are small batch tisanes and once this year’s leaves are gone, that’s it til the next season.