Card Reading

It’s the question that drives us… It’s the question that brought you here.
  • Trinity, The Matrix

What is it you really want to know?  No need to hem and haw about it, what do you want to know?   The better framed or specific the question, the more specific the answer or advice.  Avoid the following conjunctions in your question: if, but, and.  A good question will ask for details or results (outcome).  For example, “if I ask Betty out, will she say yes?”  That is two, yes/no questions.  The better expression of what you want to know is, “what is the outcome of my asking Betty out?” Think about this.  How will the answer change your actions?

Readings show the outcome with the highest potential; you are able to change the outcome with a single decision.  Free will, gotta love it!

I cannot read your mind; I interpret images printed on card stock.  What you are purchasing is a digital file of your reading.  This will include a detailed write up of your reading (unless it’s a yes/no) and a picture of the card spread.

Below you will find several offerings, each has their strong point and you have to decide how much info, or not, you want. For each read, what I need from you, is:
  • Your question along with the time period we are viewing and any background information you believe is important
  • Your name and date of birth (this is for those who are 18+ years old).
Disclaimer:  Readings are for entertainment only are not a substitute for legal, professional, or medical advice.  There are no guarantees or refunds offered; all sales are final.



Yes / No

Just need a quick answer? Then this is it – as listed, is it a yes or no? Don’t forget to include the needed information as detailed above.


5-card Spread

More than a yes/no, not as detailed as a portrait, a 5-card spread can give you the quick details into a situation. Good for a week timespan or a specific question.


Portrait Lenormand Reading

Sometimes referred to as a 3×3, 9-card spread, or mini Grand Tableau (GT), this will provide the details of a situation. The main difference between this portrait and a full GT is a GT covers many topics while a portrait focuses on a specific situation. With this spread we can look at the next three days, three weeks, or three months or the details of a specific question (situation).


Grand Tableau

The see-everything spread, no question required. With this, we look at your health, love, work, and trouble for the year.


3-card Tarot de Marseille

This is an in-depth reading, a look into a situation and Tarot de Marseille was designed to provide that insight. My teachers (some live, some via books) include Andrew McGregor, Enrique Enriquez, Yoav ben Dov, and Jean-Claude Flornoy (if this is important to you). Please see the write-up above for the details I will need from you to complete this reading.