The word apothecary has a rich history and one that originally did not include  making or selling pharmaceuticals.  The original Greek,  apothēkē, means a repository or storehouse and represents a building rather than a person.   Then Latin became the word of the day and their apothecarius was a shopkeeper.  It wasn’t until it reached the English and French tongue that the word became associated with medicine and those that dispense.  Today’s true apothecaries are compounding or specialty pharmacies where items are made individually for patients.

I am not a pharmacist and this is not a pharmacy; what is offered are products and services of a different sort ~ these items are individually crafted, soothing mind, body, and soul. 

Healing Waters

Coming soon!

Please use this form to scheduled an appointment. Please keep in mind that Covid-19 has changed how business is done and there are new protocols in place.


  • Masks are required
  • If you have been exposed to COVID or are experiencing flu or cold-like symptoms, please do not book a session or if an appointment has been scheduled, please call to cancel.
  • The room receives a thorough cleaning with approved cleaners and UV light; these reduce the number of sessions that can be handled in an evening.
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