About Annette

I am a cartomancer, writer, and a massage therapist; I’ve been a massage therapist and Ayurvedic bodyworker for almost a decade now.  But I haven’t always been cool, chill, and secure in my own skin; not sure I’m so secure even now but am more so now than then. 

Having been raised Southern Baptist, there’s a lot of fire and brimstone in my bones that I’ve had to work with and around.  The church (and my parents) frowned upon my otherways and that had to be kept hidden from the world for a very long time. That didn’t stop strange things from happening and my mom, now in her 70’s, still regals some of the strange going’s on involving dreams, screams, and visions.  

All this fell into place when my two daughters and I moved to Bath County, Va, nestled in the Appalachia.  We lived in a haunted house for a decade or so, with everyone dead and alive getting along and living our un/lives.  A friend introduced me to actually talking to the dead and once that toothpaste was out of the tube, there was no putting it back.  

Our daughters are now grown and living their own lives and it’s just my dear husband, jack russell Luna, my mother-in-law (MIL) and I living in this big old house, and we decided to rent a room through Airbnb; sharing our mundane, magical lives with those willing to cross the threshold.  

You get to sneak a peek without leaving your seat.  Join me!