The God in me greets the God in you.


Such a simple thing, palms and fingers pressed together, held at heart level; a gesture with deep meaning and far reaching impact.  This gesture, also known as a mudra, goes by many names; namaskara to some, gassho to others. 

Symbols, of which mudras are a part, create energy patterns that help and support not only our auric field but the fields around us. The heart chakra, in front of which this mudra is held, has an energy torus/field of 4 feet minimum; I’ve read some research which suggests a torus of 24 feet. 

This simple greeting affirms our choice to operate under god-consciousness and not the ego.  Ego places us in a position of inferiority/superiority to other beings living on Gaia (the planet); God-consciousness is a bit more difficult to explain.  It is an understanding that the Creator lives/is present within each of us, within the empty space that occupies all matter; our creator is there. It is understanding that we create with the spoken word, every thought puts energy into motion.  This isn’t a new idea and most of the old religions speak of the god within.  Science is now able to prove much of what the ancients believed to be true, the more recent being that energy = mass = consciousness.  Everything is conscious, everything is the creator and the created.  Don’t worry about trying to wrap your head around that, it is the topic of many conversations to come! 

Once you become aware of the true nature of reality, everything you do becomes an act of reverence. Simply living your ordinary daily life with full awareness becomes a complete practice of meditation, a perfect form of worship, an offering to all beings and to Being itself.

Christopher Wallis, The Recognition Sutra

So the next time you press your palms and fingers together, remember who you really are and the power that resides within you. 

Namaste! 🙏

P.s. and in a world where shaking hands can be unsafe, this is the perfect new handshake! 😄

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