The Ether

Earlier I wrote about how probability and quantum theory affected divination; now I want to explore the other side, that of Ether and of Spirit.

Ether/Spirit is the 5th element and, like air, mostly goes unseen. We can see air as it moves across the earth and arranges the clouds above; Spirit is a bit more difficult to see. Often times it is a feeling we get and sometimes an object will move or we catch a glimpse of an apparition.

While probability theory and quantum are the mathematical principles in play, it is Spirit that guides our hand and provides the insight; many understand this as intuition, others will say it is their Higher Self, and some the Dead or some other entity.

Being a medium I can speak to how my Higher Self and the Dead speak through intuition; the other Spirit types or entities I will leave to those with experience in that type of communication. When Spirit speaks, I feel it in the bridge between my heart and throat chakra; oddly enough, if that is not given voice it will ball up and become the proverbial knot in my throat.

Card, bones, crystals, and pendulum are the items I use to channel that knowledge to help the querent, whether that be you or me.

This is how I see divination and operate within that paradigm. It is different for other people so it’s important that when you seek guidance you find a practiontioner with whom you connect. You’ll know it because your spider sense will tingle.

Be safe. No fear.

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  1. This is completely lovely, thank you for letting us in. Everyone’s experience is different, as you say, and it’s very personal to hear of another’s journey. Much love xxx

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