What are the Odds

Every day you and I go through life making decisions, deciding the best course of action, unwittingly using a mathematical principle known as subjective probability. Probability is the likelihood of something happening and what makes it subjective is when we use our personal judgment or experience to make a decision. For example, if my friend’s car broke down yesterday, there is a very high probability that she is going to call me to ask for a ride.

Probability is the foundational principle for statistics and is found in the fields of statistical mechanics and quantum mechanics and has applications in gaming theory, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Bear with me; there is a reason why probability and quantum mechanics are mentioned here, of all places. I’ll try to keep us in the shallow end of the pool.

You’ve heard of Schrodinger’s Cat, well, this is Schrodinger’s equation.

What this does is predicts the outcome of a dynamic system; remember a static system is something that doesn’t change and never moves while a dynamic system is constantly in a state of flux, its future state is dependent upon the current one so it evolves with time. This is how our lives work; we are not static beings.

What a diviner does is, unknowingly or intentionally, taps into this quantum principle to predict the most likely outcome. Where a mathematician uses the language of numbers, a diviner uses the symbolic language of cards, bones, runes, scrying, etc, to reach the same conclusion.

I’ve had people say to me they would rather not know what is headed their way and that is fair enough. The thing with quantum principles is, one does not have to make a huge change to affect future events in a big way. You’ve all thrown a rock into still water and watched how the ripples get larger the further away from the point of impact, quantum works the same way; changes ripple out in all directions.

It can be argued that the very act of looking into a situation or the future changes it and sometimes that is all we need to improve our lives.

This was some heavy stuff and congratulations if you made it all the way through. I encourage you to sit with this, re-read it later and mull it over. We live in a quantum universe and play a part in its ever-changing state. Inaction is still action, so look or not, you create either way.

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