Etheric vs Physical

human energy torus

I recently completed the coursework and practicals to attain my certification as a crystal healer and it was interesting to see how closely this information was too similar coursework in healing with a pendulum and symbols. The information can be so complex that it is not possible to take all and create an elevator pitch. Through a series of articles, I will attempt to explain some of the essentials.

With a crystal healing session we begin by activating the light column. Most people give me a quizzical look so I’ll break it down here.

All matter is energy. Remember from science class Einstein’s equation E=Mc2? This states that energy equals Matter (times the speed of light squared). The important part of this equation for us is that energy = matter.

Our physical bodies are composed of matter therefore we emit energy. All matter emits energy. Some call this an aura, others refer to it as the field. Spoken words, thoughts, feelings all affect the field. When we stand close to people, our fields mingle.

When the light column is activated, the energy flows from our heads down the center of the body, out the feet, back around the outside of the body to flow, again, down through the head.

A quartz crystal stabilizes the crown chakra while pyrite anchors your earth star chakra (below your feet)

There is, of course, more to a session that this but I wanted to introduce the science behind one part of the session that is hardest for some to grasp. Energy is constantly flowing. Disease/illness will manifest in this field first, before migrating into the physical. Please see the medical disclaimer here.

Sit with this for a bit. Ask questions. Schedule a session.

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