What Would You Say?

House of Shadows Lenormand

As the veil thins and the whispers grow close, now is the time for me to tackle the shadows. Yes, talking to the dead when the lines are more defined may feel safer but communication can be fuzzier. Why not talk while the lines between us and them are unclear?

As I am clairsentient and voyant, ‘hearing’ my guides works differently than those who have the gift of audience. I ‘hear’ via cards, pendulum, and meditation. Even then, it is a learning process to know when a message is meant for me and when it is meant for someone else.

Last night sleeping was especially difficult as there were many present, waiting and whispering. Tonite I will not cover my ears with the pillow and instead ask that one at a time, say what they need to say. I can hear the whispers but not the voice …. just yet. Each night, a pen and notebook at the bedside for notes, rememberings, and messages.

This morning, though, I decided to use a spread I learned from Toni Puhle, of The Card Geek and founder of the World Divination Association. This spread is called Messages from Beyond and can be used with any card system, as long as you stick to the meanings/rules of that system. Lenormand is my first love and so I asked to meet a shadow guide; how will I recognize you.

Who can through instead was a great-great grandfather of mine, Captian John Thierston Smith. By all family recollections, he was a difficult man who became demanding and increasingly difficult in his later years; he died at 73. Surprisingly enough, he has visited several times with messages for me about getting my arse together and start writing again.

He was an obstacle and created discord. He was a decision-maker and an engineer for the Navy during the Civil War. Not much is remembered about who he was before the war; war changes all involved, for good or ill.

I never knew him nor did my mom or aunt, the oldest members of that line; could he have a message for either of them? Usually, this spread is used for people we knew or our querent (that would be you) knew that have since passed on.

Since none that are living knew him, I asked if his message was for my aunt? The pendulum said no. Mom? No. Me? Yes. Ok.

As of this writing, I have not yet asked what is his message for me. I’ll ask and share later.

If you could talk to someone who has passed, who would it be?

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