Gem Elixirs

Using gemstones or crystals to heal the body has been a thing for a few millennia and was prevalent in Ayurveda. Specific gemstones are helpful for certain doshas and/ or for certain ailments. There is an amazing documentary on Youtube that covers this along with many other facets of Ayurveda and I’ve shared that below. HEADS UP – this is almost 2 hours and has subtitles. Worth every minute!

Gem Elixirs or Crystal Essences or Crystal Waters (pick your vocabulary) are used to help incorporate a stones vibrational qualities into your healing or magical practice. Today I am making a Citrine elixir to help increase thought clarity, enhance creativity, and magnify my will and ability to transform my dreams and desires into physical reality.

There are a plethora of ways to make a gem elixir; I am sharing with you my process and it is similar to how I make flower essences. Make the Mother Elixir first, then reduce the elixir down to a stock bottle and then possibly one more time into a dosage bottle. So keep this in mind when deciding how much water with which to start.

Let’s talk about water real quick. Water is a living medium and will reflect back to you what is said to it; it is well documented how the shape of the water molecule itself changes to reflect what is spoken to it. I use a Telos water plate to make the water more acceptable to the cells of the body and then set this water, with the gemstone of choice, in the direct sunlight for two hours.

Traditionally your Mother Elixir is a 1:1 ratio (water: brandy). You’ll cut this again to make the Stock Bottle, the same 1:1 ratio (ME: brandy). If you want to or are going to give away/sell then I’d cut again (same 1:1 ratio) to a dosage bottle with a dropper. The dosage would be 2-4 drops up to 4x a day on or under the tongue.

The Mother Elixir (ME) turned out to be 16 oz (2 cups) and that filled my bottle to the brim. I took half a shot so as to get the lid on and WOW this packed a punch! I had energy well into the night.

Do you use gem elixirs? If so, which ones? If not, what would you want to try?

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