Where Are You?

rhode island red

Monday morning I was working in the kitchen and happened to look out the side window to see one of my Rhode Island Reds watching me through the fence; her head was doing the bob almost as if she were trying to see if I was really in there. I can hear her now, “I think I see her but it’s hard to tell through that reflection”.

Laughing, I grabbed a coat and walked out the door. She and another hen took off towards the gate, slipping through a hole in the fencing (that hole is now blocked). It was as if they had been sent to retrieve me. These two hens ran to the others and then they ALL came running to me. I was mobbed by tiny dinosaurs! “Look I found her! I found her!” You can almost hear the two hens arguing over who gets the credit for bringing me out to the yard.

Examining the yard, I couldn’t figure out what they needed – had food, had scratch, had nibbles … then I checked their water and there it was; while fresh and unfrozen in the morning, a healthy crust of ice had formed over the top. I broke up the ice, stepped away and they all came in for a drink. Clucks of gratitude.

Silly little dinosaurs! ❤

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