In the quiet

We didnt see the sun today as the sky was blanketed in clouds pregnant with snow. The chickens didnt venture far from their coop and a heavy cold holds everything down.

The fine snow began a few hours ago and is predicted to fall all night. They say we will only get a few inches … we question their ability to prognosticate with any accuracy.

Days like today fill me with the desire to nest, cook, and read cards by the cook stove; looking into the stories that are our lives. Some say they’d rather not know what’s coming and there is a certain bliss that comes with that; what’s the saying, ignorance is bliss? I smile everytime.

I believe that our fate is not set and find truth in this quote from the Nicolas Cage movie Next; “Here’s the thing about the future. Every time you look at it, it changes — because you looked at it — and that changes everything else”. If you had the chance to change something about your life, would you?

2 thoughts on “In the quiet

  1. I think we all learn from life, if I had to go back and change things, I would change the things that haunt me the most, the things I think of often in silence, but not the things that I have learned from. Love you, great read!!


    1. So if you could see what was coming, would you want to? If yes, would you act to change what’s coming (guess that depends on what it is!). =)


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