The Season of Giving

Ashwood Farmhouse

The holidays bring a special kind of stress to families; here, we opt to make the season of giving as stress-free as possible.  I admit that this time of year, even now, instills a sense of… panic? desperation? Overcoming societies expectations of an appropriate Christmas is difficult.

In an attempt to make the holidays less stressful, our family has adopted the following criteria for gift giving:

  • can it be eaten?
  • can it be worn?
  • can it be put in the bank?

The first two are gifts from the heart; those that require thoughtfulness and planning.  Granted, my planning should have begun months ago. . . eh hem.  Money is always appreciated and ever helpful.

Here are some of the ideas I’ve come up with:

  • Natural body butter (cute labels here)
  • altoid tin sewing kit (doesn’t really fit the eaten or worn category, though will help you repair items to be worn).
  • hats/scarves/mittens/socks to keep one warm and toasty through the cold months.
  • cookies and mini loaves to nibble alongside mugs of hot chocolate.  Mmmm

I long for the celebrations that are more family and less stuff oriented.  My Mom and Aunt tell tales of receiving but one gift for Christmas; this one gift held the love and thoughtfulness of a year’s planning.  They also set out a shoe (not a stocking) into which Santa would leave gifts; one year they received coal!  LOL

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