Be The Change

Our inner and outer worlds reflect each other with every thought, word, and deed.  Sifting through prior drafts of this blog, I am reminded of who I was and the hopes and dreams of a me that has changed, reshaped by the events of the passing days.  It’s amazing how some change happens so silently that one is unaware of the shift until viewing the past.

Kombucha brewing stopped, I became less fastidious with making due (thinking that I needed to be more conventional), and even went so far as to give my hens away to another family.  This last part was the eye-opener.   Members in the community thought I was ill; the peach tree, a sentinel outside the coop, began to die, and all sorts of rodents tried to move in under the then-vacant coop (groundhogs and weasels).

This little venture into a more ‘conventional’ lifestyle was not wasted as this experience taught me how to mitigate skunk spray, how to drive a groundhog from its hole without harming it, and reminded me that my life is too connected to this land and to Spirit to live a more modern or conventional lifestyle.   Hens are back, kombucha is brewing, and making due back on the table.

Do not allow the world to change who you are; be the change you want to see in the world … or in your community …. or in your home.

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