A Simple Life

Planning a simple life is like writing a love letter to yourself. You can include what you want to include, you live by your own values, love who and what you love, develop your own usefulness and eventually you become the person you wanted to be in all those private moments of hoping for a life of grace and splendid simplicity. ~ Rhonda Jean with Down—to—earth

The cold months are a good time for reflection and planning.  The garden sleeps, outside activities are dictated by the temps and precip, indoor activities become ripe for completion and active contemplation.

Living a simple life, in the reality of the world in which we live, is an act of rebellion and against the status quo.  We strive to build a community of like-minded individuals, learning to live a life rich in experiences and poor in consumerism.

Words hold great power so as you write your love letter, remember that these ideas, values, and thoughts, will create action in not only your private life but in your public as well.  Last year’s events brought that home very quickly and poignantly; stepping on the toes of the quo is threatening and there are those who will go to great lengths to protect the quo; be prepared.

Several advised me to ‘live my bliss’ and put nothing to paper; I’ve spent this last year doing just that and have reached this conclusion: the world is full of great beauty and much ugliness.  There is too much despair and hopelessness in the world to sit back and just let it be.  If the few words, photographs, and projects that are shared here can give some hope then it is worth it.

There is much to share… let’s get to it!

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