Rhubarb Yum Yum

RhubarbI was gifted with two rhubarb plants a few years ago and, until this year, has gone relatively unused.  A crime, I know.  Now these lovelies are ready to feed and nourish and I have just the recipes to share:

Sad to say that I never got a picture of these goodies as they disappeared shortly after emerging from the oven. Except for the jam.  There are a few jars left!

The rhubarb is from our garden and the strawberries are from Chiles Orchard in Crozet, just outside of Charlottesville VA.  This orchard is ‘local’, if you are following the 100-mile diet, and all the produce we have purchased from them has been above par.

I invite you to explore your local resources and enjoy the seasonal bounty!

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