Waxing Sentimental

christmas yule

For some, this is a bit soon to be thinking of Christmas and for others, planning began months ago.  Our holidays are normally low-key (except for Halloween) yet I am waxing sentimental for the coldest of holidays – in the Northern Hemisphere, that is.

My memories of Christmas past, included one large gift under the tree (usually a craft project box) and a stocking filled to the brim with nuts, oranges, smoked oysters, and miscellaneous small gifts that could be wrapped and added.  At no time were gifts tumbling from under the tree; when my daughters were young, I tried to keep minimal the norm…very difficult with well meaning grands.

Gifts need to have purpose and meaning.  My sister has a rule: One must be able to wear it, eat it, or put it in the bank.  An excellent rule with one addition: it must be handmade.christmas yule

That brings me to now.  Having poured through many crafting/repurposing idea books, we found several viable gift ideas..items that must be started now in order to be ready in time for giving (or mailing to far off places).

Those items will not be listed now as the surprise would be ruined; you will get to see these after the gifting.

Happy crafting!


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