Lard rendering tips

One finds information in the most unlikely places – like the oil lamp shop in a warehouse farmer’s market.  We were in Harrisonburg and stopped by to check this place out; they are open Thursdays – Saturdays and, in the past, we pass by on the non open days.  While there I found the correct chimney for my peanut lamp and learned that the reason some of my lard has a mold speckle or two is because the lard was not not boiled long enough.

The oil lamp shop is run by an older Mennonite couple and Mrs. Shank explained that it is a common problem for first time lard render’ers.  She was excited to find a ‘younger’ couple interested to learn the old ways.  She explained that, when we start the process, adding 1 TBsp of baking soda to the mix will produce a more white lard and will extend the shelf life.  I also need to make sure that the lard reaches 225°.

She advised that the lard we had was safe to use, just scrape off the mold freckles and get cooking;  Mrs. Shank’s shop is my new favorite place!

I originally shared about how to render lard here.

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