My Grandmother Elsea died a few months ago, just months prior to her 100th birthday; much history and knowledge left with her.  During one of my last visits, I was able to glean a few insights.

grandmotherMy Grandmother grew up in Kelly’s Ford Virginia, on a farm and was part of a generation that witnessed the arrival of cars and electricity…to individual homesteads.  She spent most of her early years either walking places or, when offered, catching a ride with someone who owned a horse and buggy.  This picture was taken the day after her wedding; an afternoon wedding and no electricity means, everyone gets dressed the next day for pictures.  She was married November 29, 1941.

What I learned at this last visit was that the family raised pigs and milk cows, yet never slaughtered a cow for their personal use.  She reminded me that they did not have electricity and had no way to keep the beef from spoiling – there was just too much of it.  Hog meat, though, could be salted and stored…including the sausage.  It is hard to imagine life without electricity and how differently we would handle food and its preservation.

Great Granddaddy Green (Grandmother’s father) sold the cream so the left over milk would be used at the house or given to the pigs and chickens.  One particular story was how the milk would turn as it sat on the counter creating a sour, yogurt like substance that Grandmother did not like; she called it clabber.  Her brother and sisters, though, loved the stuff and would scoop it out by the ladle full.  Remember, this was raw milk so when it curdled, it was still very good to eat/drink – full of probiotics.

Today’s pasteurized milk does not sour properly but rots and decays due to the lack of beneficial bacteria;  it is not okay to drink so please do not take the above story and apply it to today’s food supply; raw and pasteurized milk are not the same thing.

While 99.9 years sounds like a long time, I still wish we had more time to explore more stories.  What insights/ cool stories have your grands shared with you over the years?

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